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Niels Van Dingenen December 2020 5 min read

Customer Case: Atlas Copco

Fast, user-friendly and transparent. Thanks to QlikView and the collaboration with At Once, Atlas Copco has raised its reporting to a higher level.

Previously, this producer of industrial productivity solutions already had reporting tools for their purchase initiatives. However, the different entities that used the systems sought an overarching and transparent whole that was more efficient and faster to use. At the moment, the new solution is being used by more than 10 different entities worldwide, from managers over purchasers to quality engineers. Whereas reporting used to be limited to a few separate KPI’s, all ERP and financial data have now been brought together to form a coherent whole. The result is a much larger number of significant visualizations and therefore a greatly increased visibility of their performance indicators.

Thanks to the arrival of Qlik, the continuous execution of live queries for new analysis questions is definitely a thing of the past. The data is always available, so no more waiting times for end users.


With Qlik, Atlas Copco is now able to follow its entire logistics process on a daily basis in a very transparent manner. Due to easy and clear analyzes of income and expenditure, it is now possible to anticipate more quickly and to bring cost savings more clearly to light. Several quality parameters are mapped to allow comparisons between their different suppliers, but also between their internal product companies.

In contrast to the old tools, the current visualizations yield time savings because they are much more efficient in use. This allows all actors to focus more on what really matters: the achievement of business targets. Thanks to the arrival of Qlik, the continuous execution of live queries for new analysis questions is definitely a thing of the past. The data is always available, so no more waiting times for end users.

Such queries always took quite some time. Moreover, their back end was not completely correct, which sometimes led to bugs and incorrect data. All of these issues have now disappeared. Atlas seized the moment of implementation to redesign their data warehouse. Qlik now does the preparation of data in a centralized manner. Therefore, there is only one single source of truth left, to the great satisfaction of IT. Since then, the department has been much less burdened with requests and complaints. Reducing these indirect IT costs has led to some of these budgets being shifted from support to development of new functionalities.

Atlas Copco’s choice for Qlik and At Once came after multiple positive experiences from the past at other departments. On the other hand, the excellent position of the vendor in the Gartner Quadrant played a role as well. In addition, we were able to guarantee a quick delivery compared to competitor tools.



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