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Frédéric VissersJun 14, 2022 8:04:28 AM1 min read

Say hello to next-gen Cloud BI!

Epic Data enters the cloud BI space by partnering up with Astrato

Bring visualisations directly on top of your cloud data platform and stop all the unnecessary data movement or data replication. Play the data where it lives!

Companies are investing heavily in Cloud Data Warehouses combining all their different data sources into one governed and accessible version of the truth. Traditional BI products make less sense in this scenario and quite frankly have fallen behind with their cloud strategies.

Enter Astrato by Vizlib

Astrato is the next-generation live-query data visualisation and analytics solution. They have a modern cloud-first approach to Analytics and BI. Live data decision-making and action are bundled in one solution. Built and designed on the cloud, for the cloud.

At Epic Data we want to maximise the “Return On Data” for our client’s analytics investments.
Astrato makes perfect sense in this strategy and that’s why we are proud to announce we are one of Astrato’s founding partners!

We see an opportunity for our clients to leverage the power of their chosen Cloud Data Warehouses even more by using the Cloud native and Live-Query capabilities of Astrato.
Data storage and transformations (ELT process) are more and more bundled in the Cloud Data Warehouse. It makes sense for BI teams to start limiting their own data model efforts so they can focus on what really matters: visualising data and generating business value.

With Astrato’s “play the data where it lives” approach we can start to eliminate the “analytics lag” and start unlocking real-time insights across organisations by providing a creator-centric layer for your data visualisations.

Ready to enter the new data world in the cloud?
Check out the Cloud BI whitepaper or contact Epic Data and let us be your sparring partner in this exciting new BI movement.


Download the Cloud BI Whitepaper


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